Earn money by helping people in your field of expertise online.

Flexible working hours according to you, work from anywhere and work online, which makes more excited to work with Rescueit as an expert. Join the hundreds of Experts who have answered over thousands questions.

Lets first understand how Rescueit works?

Real People with Problem

Real people with contact you with a problem they are facing or with a query. They will be connected to you as per as your expertise field.

Experts will help.

As an Expert, you need to address the problem or query. You would be allocated with additional tools by Rescueit for in-case to fix the problem.

Satisfactory Score

User will be asked for a rating once you fix the problem or answer the query completely. And you get paid.

Why should I join Rescueit as an Expert?

Earn money for every problem or query you answer.

Work from anywhere, anytime; whether that's all day or between jobs.

Set your own schedule

Average call is only 4-5 minutes long.

Share your expertise

Use your professional knowledge to help people with their product problems or query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions in mind ? Find the answers below or just contact us.

Whatever you’d like!! Whether you’re available at night, or for a few hours during the day, you can take calls or chat whenever you feel like earning! Simply switch your Availability to “On”, and we’ll send you calls or chat request.
Typically it takes 5-7 business days for our Team to review your Experience and get you started as an Expert. We’ll let you know the moment you get verified.
We make the payment on your PayPal account.
Typically a chat or call will last 10-15 minutes, completely depending on your expertise.
That’s entirely up to you! Experts are paid out on a per help instances basis, so the more help you you provide to more number of people, the more you earn!

Get Started to become an Expert

Start with Expert Application

Create your Rescueit profile by filling all your information and resume.

Verify Your Experience

Tell us about your relevant experience in a brief phone session with our Verification Team.

Make Money Helping People

You decide at what hours of the day or night you want to work.